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What is AYSO EXTRA? 

EXTRA is basically a little extra of everything soccer related.  These teams are formed of kids that want to step up their soccer.   We play separately from the primary teams in order to be allowed to have EXTRA in our region we cannot put a burden on the primary program and therefore will need our own volunteers. 

·        Open registration- teams must undergo new selections each year.  There are no guaranteed roster positions for any player from one membership year to the next with the exception of the coach and assistant coaches’ children. 

·        Everyone plays at least half of every game. 

·        Balanced Teams- if there ends up being more than one team per division, the teams would need to be balanced on both of those teams.

·        Positive Coaching- encouragement of player effort and player development, which ultimately leads to better-skilled and better-motivated players. 

·        Good Sportsmanship- all players, parents, coaches and other AYSO volunteers in the EXTRA program are expected to adhere to a high standard of conduct and sportsmanship, not a win-at-all costs attitude. 

·        Player Development- players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team. 

·        Players are expected to be to every practice and game!!  The Rarest of exceptions need to be discussed with the coach.  If players do not attend , the coach does have the option in EXTRA to take them off the Roster and place another from the waiting list. 

·        Teams will have 1-2 practices each week depending on their game schedule and one game during the week and may have additional games on Saturdays.   They can typically have 10-12 games a season.

·        Games are played against other EXTRA teams in our Area, so we travel for away games.  Depending on the teams from other divisions you could play in Kaysville, Layton, South Odgen, Roy, Huntsville etc. 

·        The players wear really extra nice uniforms that handle the extra play and look extra sharp.  Each player will receive One full game Uniform Jersey, shorts, and elite soccer socks.  They will also receive a practice Uniform, jersey and elite soccer socks.  Each player will receive a really nice ball, which it’s up to the coaches whether they want to carry all players balls each time, or if your child will be responsible to bring their ball each time.

·        EXTRA  is a lot of fun, however in this program only the winners of each division get trophies given out by the Area EXTRA staff.

·        Money for EXTRA Is NON REFUNDABLE.  Once you submit your payment, it won’t be refunded.  If you quit it will become a donation to the EXTRA Program.   There is a lot of cost involved in EXTRA and there must be commitment in this program.   

·        There will be an end of the Year Party. 


What do Players Get?

1 full Elite game Uniform:  Jersey, shorts, and elite socks

1 full practice uniform:  Jersey, shorts, and elite socks

1 Ball with the EXTRA Logo on it (coaches can either bring to all play or have the players responsible for them, their choice.  At the end of the year, each player can get them autographed by their team and keep one)

What is the Cost?
The total cost is $170. If you register your child before tryouts which is *$75/$95. And If your child makes the EXTRA program the money will transfer over and there will be an additional amount of *$95/$75. This is the same for every player in EXTRA. These fees cover the 2 uniforms, ball, field fees, team expenses, national fees and ayso insurance, area and region expenses, and Referee thank you cards. In EXTRA we have to have Refs at home games so there are thank you gift cards that are given to these trained refs.

*$75 refers to the early bird pricing, EXTRA does not have a early bird pricing as it is run separately from the Primary teams.

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